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Mexican Society of Membrane Science and Technology

  • To group professionals specialized in the membrane field.

  • To promote collaboration between members and their respective institutions, in order to stimulate scientific and technological research in the membrane field.

  • To disseminate advances in research and technology among the scientific community regarding the preparation, characterization and applications of membranes.

  • To promote the publication of research work and general studies on the subject of membranes.

  • To promote scientific, academic and technological exchange with related institutions or associations, both national and international.

  • To collaborate in the analysis of Mexico's social, economic and cultural problems directly related to the expertise of the members.

  • To promote and participate in scientific and academic events such as: conferences, meetings, courses, workshops or any other activity related to the membrane field.

  • To grant distinctions to its members or to people who carry out outstanding activities in areas related to this Society.

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