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Mexican Society of Membrane Science and Technology

The Mexican Society of Membrane Science and Technology was created on July 31, 2008 to address the need to group Mexican researchers, professors, university students and technologists working in an area of knowledge or activity related to the science and technology of membranes, and their multiple fields of applications.

​The importance of spreading and contributing to the development of membrane science and technology lies in the need to have simple, efficient, economical and clean processes for the separation and/or recovery of gases and liquids in many industrial, research and technology development fields, for which membranes offer outstanding advantages.

The members of this Society work in different universities, public research centers and industry. There are also student members who enthusiastically prepare themselves to be able to meet the needs of the field in the future. Moreover, attendance to national and international conferences and contact with people from like-minded organizations, guarantee that these professionals are always in continuous preparation, ensuring that they perform at the best possible level.

The Society's activities are aimed at combining efforts, knowledge, experiences and capabilities that will allow us to achieve professional goals in a more efficient way and in less time, in order to react in a timely manner to the needs for the development of science, technology and membrane applications in any field where they are a viable option for clean technology.

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